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22 Mar
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The World Water Day is celebrated every year to promote the importance and need of water preservation around the world. The recommendations is done by the United Nations which were initiated since March 22nd,1993 as a World Day of Water. The campaigning to preserve water resources is processed in around all the member nations of UN.

Time to Celebrate:

World Water Day is celebrated on 22nd March every year.


Water is the vital feature in all kind of forms in life and to signify this importance every year a day has assigned as ‘World Water Day” . Though water is a natural resource and the availability can be maintain by the nature to some extent but it is very important for the humans too to recognize the increase demands of water despite of limited water resources. Hence to understand this urge and to appeal the world, the day is celebrated with lots of awareness programmes round the globe. The Government of the UN nations, various NGO combined make efforts, runs various campaigns and national  programmes to ensure the maximum reach of the message of “Water is Precious” and we have to preserve it at our best level.



22 March
12:00 am
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