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24 Mar
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World Tourism Day is held annually around the globe to spread the public awareness about the deadly disease Tuberculosis and to make efforts for the elimination of this disease. The Day has took the effect after the recommendations of IUATLD (International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases) and with cooperation  of WHO it was declared as the “World Tuberculosis Day” on March,24th, 1982.

Time To Celebrate:
World Tuberculosis Day is held on 24th March every year.


India is among those countries where TB (Tuberculosis) cases are highest and every year majorly responsible for killing the people by the disease along with HIV. The disease is the leading killer disease and needs to be prevent on urgent basis. TB is a contagious bacterial infection caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis which majorly affects the lungs in humans and the infection may also spread in other systems of the body.

India is the country where maximum cases of TB are considered and also accounts the highest percentage of all the TB cases around the world which makes the country the highest TB burden around the world. The Government of India with the collaboration of WHO runs several national programs to control and prevent the disease. The programmes majorly aimed to detect and cure the disease.

The World TB Day urges the masses to know maximum about the disease and needs to ensure the prevention because public awareness can only bring the utmost support to the campaign.


24 March
12:00 am
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