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25 May
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Vat Savitri Puja is the traditional festival of Hindus which is performed by married women and particularly celebrated in North India region. The festival observed with day long strict fast that is performed by women for the well being of their partners and houses.

Time to Celebrate:

Vat Savitri Puja is held on Amavasya of dark fortnight in the month of Jyeshtha (June- July)


A legendary myth is associated behind the rituals of Vat Savitri Vrat and according to that in Vedic period, Savitri who was daughter of king Ashwapati of Bhadra kingdom, fell in love with Satyawan and got married with him despite of much opposition and even after predictions of death for Satyawan within a single year as per destiny. Exactly After one year, on one unfortunate day, Satyawan expired under the Banyan tree in the lap of his beloved wife, Savitri. And as soon as the Yamraj appeared to take away the soul of Satyawan from his body, his wife Savitri stood up firmly in front of Yamraj in order to stop him and strongly pleaded for her husband’s life. She continues followed the Yamraj and requested for her husband’s life. Hence the devotion of Savitri towards her husband and pure determination lean down Yamraj in front of her and he returned the life of Satyawan. Since then the ritual of Vat Savitri vrat is celebrated and commemorate the Savitri as legend.

Though it is a three days fasting ceremony which now a days observed as a day long fast of one day and performed by married women only. After taking the purification bath, well adorned women with new clothes and ornaments, go to the nearest banyan trees and performed sacred pujas. They pour holy water from the Ganges and tie red threads around the tree and pray for the long life of their spouses.



25 May
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