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Sonepur cattle fair is the biggest cattle fair in the land of state Bihar.The fair resembles with the historical and ancient event that attracts thousands of visitors from far flung areas to the venue of Sonepur on the confluence of river Ganga and Gandak.The fair continues from the ancient times when Chandragupta Maurya used to buy cattles across the region.

Time to Celebrate:

Sonepur Cattle Fair held on Kartik Poornima usually comes in the month of November


On the day of Kartik Purnima many devotees offers special prayers at the Harihar Nath temple, located at the backdrop of the river and take holy dips in the river.The temple of Harihar Nath, associated with a legend where story of king Indra Yamuna and Gandharva chief Huhu is involved. Both were turned into an elephant and a crocodile respectively by the curse of great sages Agasthya and Dewala Muni. One day the elephant’s leg was bitten by the crocodile and fought hard for several years But ultimately the King Elephant lost his strength and prayed to the Supreme God Vishnu to save him. Vishnu heard his prayer and cut down the crocodile with his Chakra. But the touch of the chakra released Huhu from the curse. Vishnu also released Indra Yamuna from his curse and took him to his aboard Vaikuntha.
Though all kinds of animals can be seen there for trade purpose at Sonepur mela like dogs,camels to buffaloes, donkeys, ponies, monkeys,Persian horses, sheep, rabbits,bears,cats and guinea pigs along with all varieties of birds, poultry and fishes but cattle trading is observed as the main activity.The fair is also very famous as the only venue to buy elephants on a large numbers who beautifully decorated and adorned in lined up for selling purpose.

Apart from cattle fair,large number of stalls of other items and goods are also established on the fair grounds of Sonepur. Almost everything can be purchased from the fair and makes it the largest place of interest for the visitors.The whole fair is conducted by District Administration with support of Bihar Government.The fair is significantly marked in the map of the world due to its grandness, festivity and spectacle show of activities.


How to Reach

Sonepur is easily accessible by Roadways and Railways.

Moreover, it is only 25 kilometers from Bihar’s Capital Patna, which is well connected by Airways, Railways and Roadways to the other parts of the country.

During the time of Fair, BSTDC also organizes Ferries from Patna to Sonepur.

There are various taxi and car rental services that provide private transport to expats, tourists, with driver to Sonepur mela and back



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