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09 May
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Narsingh Chaturdashi is a significantly celebrated the victory of good over evil. To prove the faith and belief, Lord Vishnu himself appeared in the form of Narsimha on the day and for the rescue of his beloved devotee Prahalad . The day is celebrated all around the county to commemorate the Lord Narsimha.

Time to Celebrate:

It is held on the fourteenth day of the bright half of Vaisakh month every year.


Narsimha was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu , who appeared just for the sake of humanity and to prove the belief of Bhagat Prahald on him. Bhagat Prahalad was the son of demon Hiranyakashyap , who got boon from Brahma to become immortal and also declared himself as the only supreme God on the earth and forced to worship all. But his
Son Prahlada was undisturbed by the tortures of his father and continued his devotional service. And to rescue from unconditional tortures on Prahlada through his father, Lord Narsimha came and killed the Hiranyakashyap. Since then Lord Narsimha is popularly known as ‘Great Protector’ who specifically defends his devotees in times of need.

Generally this day is celebrated with fasting and worshiping the lord with the Abhishek and Archana at dusk. Rituals are followed by devotional keertans
ri naam parayana.


9 May
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