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India is a land of festivals where many festivals are come to increase strength the relations and their bonding. Raksha Bandhan is such an important festival, which celebrated to honour the relationship between a brother and a sister. On this auspicious day, sisters put tilak on their brother’s forehead and pray for their long life. In return, brothers pamper their sisters and promise them to stand by their side in all hardships of life.

Time to Celebrate:

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Shravan usually comes in July or August


Raksha Bandhan is the most sacred occasion to celebrate bond of love between brother and sister.The festival ties the firm thread of love between the relationship and represents the sacred feelings of siblings to each other.Basically it is a North Indian festival but celebrated all over the country with equal rejoices and excitements. Sisters eagerly waited for their favourite festival as it shows their undemanding love for their brothers.Among the rituals and traditions of this beautiful day,sisters tie Rakhi, a beautiful thread which represents the bond of love, on the wrist of their brothers and then make prayer to God for the well being of each other.In return, brothers make promise to take care of their sisters under any circumstances and honored them with special gifts.According to mythological facts, the festival of Rakhi was initiated since the Yamuna,sacred river, tied the knot of bonding on the wrist of her brother Yamaraj,the king of death.And to see the extreme love of her sister Yamuna, he was overwhelmed with feelings and blessed his sister Yamuna with a boon that if any brother take a holy dip in river Yamuna on this auspicious day along with sister then will surely get free from the fear of death.He will blessed with long and prosperous life.Many other facts are also attached from the ancient times that observed great significance of the day.Even in the great epic Mahabharata, Draupadi tied the Raksha sutra to lord Krishna and Krishna also saved her sister’s dignity.

Hence the Raksha Bhandhan festival symbolizes all aspects of protection of the good from evil forces from vedic period and still continuous with the same fervor and commitment.


7 August
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