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19 Mar
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The Moatsu festival is regional fiesta of state Nagaland which continues for a three days and held every year. It is a tribal festival which is celebrated by the Ao tribe with various rituals. The objective of the festival is to pray to God and seeks his blessings for prosperity and promotion of various activities conducted by the tribals.

Time to Celebrate:

The Moatsu festival is held during the first week of May in every year.


Nagaland is a beautiful place of natural surroundings and picturesque ranges where main occupation is agriculture of the dwellers. The region has maximum tribal communities whose mainly function is peasantry and depends on agri products for their earnings.The main purpose of this wonderful festival is to provide recreation and amusement to the tribe after the hectic and stressful activities such as clearing fields and burning the jungles, sowing seeds and clearing the wells, repairing and constructing houses etc. The Moatsu Festival is marked by merriment and joy and lasts for three days. There are folk dances and music, eating and drinking wine, singing songs of praises etc. One of the symbolic celebrations for the Moatsu Festival is Sangpangtu. During Sangpangtu, there is a big fire that is lit around which the men and women sit in their best attires and dance.


19 March
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