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01 Aug
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Every year Nagaland boast lots of cultural festivals which truly presents the various colors of the state in front of the world. Metemneo festival is one among the festivals which are associated with agriculture and harvest of the crops which is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and rejoices by the local people.

Time to Celebrate:

Metemneo Festival is celebrated in the first week of August every year.


Nagaland is a land of agriculture where major earning of the people comes from the farming and agro products hence the people of the region celebrates number of festivals depends on different tribal rituals and traditions. The Metemneo festival is five days long which is celebrated after the harvest of millet crop particularly. During the celebrations people of the region, used to sing , dance and participated in various other cultural activities. Mainly it is the festival of Yimchungers tribals of Nagaland.
People believe that the Metemneo Festival brings the opportunity to forgive each other’s reconciliation of past differences. Also Metemneo Festival is considered to be very auspicious for marriages and engagements and thus the tribal people execute the wedding during the festive season.


1 August
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