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Losar festival is popularly known as the Tibetan New Year. It is celebrated to commemorate the advent of the New Year which is considered as the most important of all the Buddhist festivals. The celebration of the festival is continued for about two weeks which are full of rituals, shows, ancient ritual fights etc. In India, the main centre for Losar festival is in Ladakh other than Tibetan country.

Time to Celebrate:

Losar Festival is held in the month of January or February according to the Gregorian calendar.


Among Buddhists Losar festival is a great occasion of new beginning where new year started to unfold the new possibilities. The preparation of the Losar festival started quite prior to the New Year day. During the Losar festival ancient rituals, stage fights between good and evil, chanting and passing through the crowds with fire torches. The dance of the Ibex deer and the dramatic battles between the King & his ministers are the main attractions for the visitors.
Among the preparations of much awaited Losar festival, homes are painted, good food is cooked and people wearing the new clothes greet and congratulate each other. The Buddhist families take special care for their family members and ensure that no negative energy takes place in their homes.  In Indian state Sikkim, a male and female goat is sacrificed after a purification ceremony.

Apart from cultural rituals some other activities like costume dramas, archery contests and horse races are observed. The atmosphere goes vibrant during the festival where people wishes for their good and prosperous grain harvest.


1 March
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