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05 Mar
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Khatu Shyam Ji Fair of the famous shrine of Shyam Baba, who is the incarnation of Lord Krishna, is the most popular religious fair in the district area of Sikar. The temple is situated around 48 Km from the Sikar district which is very well connected by both road and rail. The Fair is continued for three consecutive days mostly in the month of February or March. The fair is mainly commemorate the Lord Krishna and his prime devotee and disciple Barbarika.

Time to Celebrate:

Khatu Shyam Ji Fair is held from the tenth day of bright half of Phalgun month to the 12th day of the same month(Phalgun Sudi Dashmi to Phalgun Sudi Dwadashi) mostly in February -March.


Khatushyam is the most sacred manifestation of Barbarika who is popularly known as Shyam Baba. The son of Ghatotkach and grandson of Bhima, was the supreme disciple of Lord Krishna. After examined his utmost devotion and sacrifice, Lord Krishna has provided him a boon of being famous among the world by his own name, Shyam and worshipped. Though every year, during the annual fair days thousands of devotees come to the place for the blessings of the God in order to fulfill their wishes and removal of troubles and sins.

Legendary myths says that Barbarika was a strong warrior from the childhood. Due to his bravey and war arts Lord Shiva himself booned him up with his three infallible arrows, also Lord Agni gave him the bow that would make him the victorious among the all three worlds. Though when the Barbarika came to know about the battle of Mahabharat, he expressed the desire to participate in the battle but Lord Krishna trulely knows about the strength and ability of the young warrior Barbarika that if he participated in the battle everything will be finished very quickly which could be an injustice for all. So he disguised himself a Brahmin and asked Barbarika for his head as charity. Barbarika without think for a while, immediately cut off his head and sacrifice his head to the brahmin as offering. Lord Krishna was overwhelmed with his sacrifice and blessed him that in Klayug , he would be worshipped as Shyam and become a deity of supreme devotion and belief.


5 March @ 12:00 am
9 March @ 12:00 am
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