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25 Mar
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Introduction :

Karni Mata Fair of Bikaner is an occasion of religious festivity and harmony. The fair is organised on a grand level by the support of district administration. The fair held during the Nine days of Navaratra’s festival to commemorate the deity, Goddess Karni.Popularly she is known as Karni Mata among the devotees who comes from far distant places for worshipping. The fair is observed two times in a year in both the Navratras period of Chaitra and Ashwin month.

Time to Celebrate :

The Karni Mata Fair is held during the Chaitra Shukla Ekam to Chaitra Shukla Dashmi (March – April) and Ashvin Shukla to Ashwin Shukla Dashmi (September – October), two times in a year.

Description :

The sacred shrine of Karni Mata is placed at Deshnok which is a small town near Nokha district in Bikaner. The place Deshnok is the native place of Karni Mata where as per the legends, she fought for low castes communities and dedicated her whole life by working towards the deprived and oppressed communities of the village. It is believed that she possessed with mystical powers who is worshipped and regarded as the patron deity of Charans and rulers of Bikaner.

Among the two fairs, the fair during the Chaitra Navratras is the larger one in which thousands of pilgrims and followers make their route towards the place Deshnok. The unique feature of the temple is the number of thousands of white and brown rats, wandering inside the temple. These rats are equally worshipped by the devotees and observed as the messenger of Karni Mata.


25 March @ 12:00 am
6 April @ 12:00 am
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