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Introduction :

Kerala is a land of deep cultural traditions from the beginning. The people of Kerala have their unique style of making and celebrating any kind of festivals. These various diversions make them able to celebrate different festivals in their different formats. The famous Kanathoor Nalvar is the same kind of fiesta which is well known for its unique ritual dances performed especially by men only in the region. The festival is mainly celebrated to commemorate the new year festival.

Time to Celebrate :

Kanathoor Nalvar is celebrated in between December to January, nearby to new year.

Description :

During the festival days of Kanathoor Nalvar, theyyam dances are observed by professional dancers. Theyyam dances are the specific dance forms that are related to the New Year’s celebration. These dance forms are very spectacular which has unique and articulate kind of various dance forms which attracts visitors every year in huge numbers. There are 400 types of theyyam dances where each one represent some mythological character. Professional dancers who are going to perform the acts, get their body painted completely and covered body with traditional costumes before performing the dances. Through the dances, people worship their deity even the dancers are considered as deities also. Theyyam specially celebrates the divinity of the Mother Goddess. Elayor theyyam, Chamundi theyyam, Panchoorla theyyam, Muthor theyyam etc are some forms of theyyam dance that are being performed during the festival days. The Kanathoor Nalvar is a festival which commemorate the divinity by the oldest folk art form of the state.


25 December, 2018
12:00 am
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