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15 Aug
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Introduction :

Janmashtami or Krishna Janmashtami is among the most religious Hindu festival that is the birth date of Lord Krishna, who is the incarnation of supreme deity, Lord Vishnu. The festival is celebrated in around all over the country and widely celebrated in north India. The major function is held at Mathura and Vrindavan which were the enact places of Krishna. A great enthusiasm and supreme devotion can be seen among the followers who are deeply exhilarate in the love of Krishna.

Time to Celebrate :
Janmashtami festival is held on the eighth day of the dark half of Hindu month Bhadrapada mostly in between August and September every year.

Description :

The Krishna Janmashtami is started to celebrate from one day before that is from Saptami day of the dark half by the devotees who keep fasting till Krishna’s birth in midnight and commence the festival. As per the mythology the birth of Lord Krishna took place in the jail where his parents were under custody of his maternal uncle Kansa, who had a fear from the eight child of her sister,Devaki , who universally said will be responsible for Kansa’s death. To overcome this fear and to finish the factor of his death, he detached the Krishna parents from the outer world and kept him under prison for several years. For the safe keeping of his child from Kansa, Vasudev, the father of Krishna, immediate took away his son after birth to his brother’s home which became the foster home later.

Krishna Bhakti is the biggest and supreme devotion for the followers of Krishna in which they go beyond to enlighten their souls with utmost devotion and dedication. People celebrate Janmashtami day by various special features, in Krishna’s areas like Mathura, Vrindavan etc. Ras Lilas, dramatic enactments of the life of Krishna,  are observed whereas in Maharashtra, Dahi Handi is observed as a great activity, the same is also known as uriadi in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Celebrations observed after the birth,where the Krishna idols are bathed with milk, ghee, honey,ganga water etc in order to honor the infant Krishna with Panchamrita then adorned in new clothes, jewellary and placed in a cradle to worship. Then Maha aarti is performed and the 24 hour long fast of the devotees are completed with rejoices.


15 August
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