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01 Jun

Jamai Sasthi is the regional specific festival which is particularly celebrated in the state of Bengal. The festival is especially celebrate to commemorate the relationship of Son-in Law, when they are observed honourable and invited to the places of in laws where treated with maximum respect and hospitality.

Time to Celebrate:

The Jamai Sasthi is celebrated on the sixth day of Shukla Paksh of Jaistho month according to Bengali Calendar         ( May-June).


The Goddess Shashthi is worshipped on this day and it is also believed that her blessings is necessary for the welfare and growth of the children in the house. The festival is basically dedicated for the welfare of daughters and their husbands. The auspicious festival is started with the invitation from in laws house where mother in law who seems busy in making delicious food throughout the day to serve in front of son in law in order to make him please, also several rituals are also observed which are primarily done by the mother in law only. Sweets, gifts and fruits are offered and Shashti Suto which is applied with turmeric, tied on the wrist of son in law. It is believed that the thread of shashthi suto is blessed with Goddess  Shashthi, who is the divine protector of children. The occasion is a family festival that bring the son in law (Jamai) closer to the family and aimed to secure the family ties with strength.


1 June
12:00 am
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