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14 Jan
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Introduction :

International Kite Festival is celebrated every year on January 14th, is the most colourful and beautiful festival of the land Ahmadabad, Gujarat. The event is the carnival of different colourful and vast sized kites which can be seen in the sky all around on the day. The word international is used to demonstrate the importance of the event because every year the festival hosts thousand of visitors and kite lovers from all over the world, who come to the land specially for the participation.

Time To Celebrate :

International Kite festival is held on 14th January every year.

Description :

International Kite Festival is also a day of Makar Sakranti when the Sun transits into the Northern Hemisphere and according to Hindu Mythology Sun moves into Makar Rashi on its celestial path. The day was earlier limited to the region only and the local people celebrated the festival but after 1989 it was declared as International Kite festival since then the Kite festival of Gujarat is widely popular all over the world and celebrated every year in Ahmadabad. The whole function is organised by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat to make the event grand and to attract large numbers of tourists with a prospect of tourism promotion.
The festival is celebrated across all the Gujarat where Gujarati people can be seen on the day in a congregation of friends, family and relatives on their rooftops for whole the day and compete with each other in a long battle of kite competitions. The enthusiasm and encouragement can be seen everywhere where small children also get up early in the morning before the sun rise and being busy in making th planning of the day. The main function where the visitors from outside India can also participate, are held in the major kite flying centres of Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodra, Rajkot among others.


14 January
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