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Holi is the most colorful festival of India which is an occasion of brigth colours, festivity, happines and rejoices. It is particularly celebrated in India but also observed in Nepal and Sri Lanka. On the Holi day which is called Dhulandi, people throwing colours and coloured water on each other to make them involve completely in colours. Before one day of Dhulandi, Holika Dahan observed to lit the bonfires which is a significance of burning bad deeds and celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Time to Celebrate:

The festival of Holi is celebrated on Purnima of Phalgun month which held in March or April every year.


Holi festival is the most awaited celebration in the country which is a festival of colours and it is widely celebrated in all religions and communities despite of religious boundations. This is the only festival which ties the people in a threat of love and make the people happy to forget their barriers which brings them close to each other. Whether small or big, everyone seems busy to observe the ritual of putting colors on each other and enjoy the celebration with music, dance and full on fun.
The Holi celebration is attached with an ancient myth that during the rule of demon Hirnakashyip on earth, he was blessed with a boon of living till eternity and no body kills him by any physical and geographical limits. This made the demon proudy and with his mighty powers he started thinking himself the God and superior from Lord Vishnu. He also ordered in his kingdom that no body will worship Vishnu in spite of him and he was the only living almighty on the earth that should be worshipped. But soon his delusion broke down when his own son Prahlad rebel his rule, he was the true devotee of Lord vishnu and continued worshiping the God against his father order.
This makes Hirnakashyip so angry and rigid that after several unsuccessful efforts to kill his son, he ordered his sister Holika to eliminate his son, who had a boon to remain unharmful through any kind of fire. As Holika entered fire with Bhakta Prahlad in order to finish him inside but she was unexpectedly got burnt in the process and Prahlad was saved by Lord Vishnu. Since then the ritual of Holika dahan is observed which is the triumph of victory of Good over evil.

Though Holi is wide spreaded in all over the country as the festival of putting the colors on each other but somewhere region differences influences the method of celebration. Some of them are the celebrations of Mathura and Varanasi, Braj Holi which continues for a week, Lathmaar Holi of Barsana which continues from the era of Lord Krishna.










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