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Govardhan Pooja comes the very next day of main Diwali festival, somewhere the day is also worship as Annakoot Pooja. The main purpose is to commense the mount Govardhan, a small hillock which was lifted by Sri Krishna to teach the people and make them learn to worship their nature.

Time to Celebrate:

Govardhan pooja is held on the first day of shukla paksha of Kartik month ( October- November)

Govardhan Puja 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

Govardhan Puja 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017



The  Govardhan Pooja is perfomes with great zeal and enthusiasm specially in the states of North India. The Pooja is perfomed for the Mount Govardhan, the mountain which was once lifted by Lord Krishna. ‘Govardhan’ is a small hillock situated at ‘Braj’, near Mathura. As per the mythology Sri Krishna lifted teh hillock to break down the proud of Lord Indra. people of Gokul worshipped the Indra for proper and good rain to please him every yera, this tradition made Indra proudy. Lord krishna was against the pooja tradition of Indra and he wanted to make the people understand that it was Mount Govardhan who is responsible for prosperity so they have to worship and love their nature not Lord Indra. People did the same and it made Lord Indra so furious that the people of Gokul had to face very heavy rains as a result of his anger. Then Lord Krishna came forward to ensure their security and after performing worship and offering prayers to Mount Govardhan lifted it as an umbrella on the little finger of his right hand so that everyone could take shelter under it. After this event Lord Krishna was also known as Giridhari or Govardhandhari.

Govardhan Pooja is celebrated in different regions by different ways and days. It is celebrated as Anna Koot in which people prepare fifty six food items popularly called as “chappan bhog” to offer Lord Krishna. Devotees offered prayers and bhajans and also other delicious sweets, fruits and eatables items in front of Lord which are raised in the form of a mountain to tribute the Govardhan. In Maharashtra it is celebrated as Padwa or Bali Pratipada, the day when King Bali come out of the ‘Patal Lok’ and ruled the world. In Gujarat the day is celebrated as the New Year, as Vikram Samvat starts from the day.


Rituals of Govardhan Puja:

On the day of Govardhan Puja, people make hillocks from cow dung, which represents Mount Govardhan. These hillocks are then beautifully adorned with flowers and worshipped with kumkum and Akshatra. Devotees then perform ‘Parikrama’ (a ritual of taking rounds) around the hillocks. They pray devotedly to Lord Govardhan and ask Him to protect them from hardships of life. On this day people also give bath to their bulls and cow and decorate them with garlands and saffron. They then worship the cows and bulls as they were considered dear to Lord Krishna.

The preparation of ‘Annakoot’ is an integral part of the Govardhan Puja. The word ‘Annakoot’ means ‘mountain of food’. Therefore on the auspicious day of Govardhan Puja, devotees 108 or even 56 varied preparations of food to offer as ‘Bhog’ to Lord Krishna. The idols of Lord Krishna are bathed in milk and adorned with beautiful and dazzling clothes and jewelry. They are then worshipped by traditional means, including Bhog and aarti. The ‘Annakoot’ Prasad is then distributed amongst family members and friends.

In some states of India, the day just after Diwali is observed as ‘Kartik Shudha Padwa’. This day celebrates the return of King Bali and is also called as ‘Bali Padyami’.

In Maharashtra and some western states, Govardhan Puja is celebrated as ‘Gudi Padwa’. On this wife garlands their husband, apply ‘Tilak’ on their forehead and perform an aarti for their long and prosperous life. As a token of appreciation, the husbands then shower their wives with expensive gifts as a token of love. Hence the festival of Gudi Padwa cherishes the bond of selfless love and devotion between husband and wife.


8 November, 2018
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