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10 May
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Gautam Buddha, who is considered as the ninth avatar of Vishnu commemorate and worshipped on the occasion of Buddha Purnima. The  Buddha Purnima is celebrated as the Buddha Jayanti, the day which is the birth date, enlightment day and death anniversary of Gautam Buddha which has an important and sacred significance among the Buddhists.

Time to Celebrate:

The Buddha Purnima is celebrated in the Vaishakh month of Hindu Calendar. ( April- May)


Buddhism religion is all about the Buddha Teachings and prayers. Gautam Buddha was like other laymen’s life born in the Kshatria caste in Lumbini place of Nepal. He is the son of the great king, born and brought up in all luxuries of life but at the early stage of his manhood he came to know about the truth of life, birth, old age, diseases, death etc. He realised that human life is waste without inner experiences and realizations.After years of study, meditation and sacrifice, he is known to have found the Nirvana and became the Buddha or the completely enlightened.

On the day of Buddha Purnima, prayers, preaches, non stop recitations of Buddhist scriptures observed in various monasteries, religious halls and homes. In monasteries in Sikkim, monks hold day-long readings of the scriptures before the Buddha’s statue. The lay people listen to these recitals, and also give gifts to the monks and the statue.People donates various kinds of offerings like candles, flowers, fruits, perfumes, sweets etc for the statue of Gautam Buddha.


10 May
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