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The Bihu festival of Assam is the biggest regional festival of the state. The festival rejoices the new year celebrations of Assamese New Year which has an important significance among the regional people of Assam. According to their myths they believe it brings the prosperity and happiness among the state and the harmony irrespective of different religions and castes.
The festival is basically holds three Bihus which denotes a set the three cultural festivals of Assam.

Time to Celebrate:

In the mid of April every yera, accordng to the Assamese Calendar


The Bihu festival of Assam is observed as three Bihus. The very first is Bohag Bihu which generally comes in the mid of April month every year, following the Magh Bihu which is held in mid-January and the last is Kati Bihu which is celebrated in mid-October. These three sets of Bihus denotes the spring, winter and autumn seasons respectively. The Bohag Bihu is the major one and popular too among the people. The Bohag Bihu is symbolize the first day of Assamese New Year which is consecutively celebrates till seven days. The very first day is saved for cattle rites where cows are washed and worshipped then the day is celebrated by cleaning bthe house and household items, wearing new clothes and become ready to welcome the New Year.
The next day is ‘Manuh Bihu’ day, on this day homage is paid to elders, relatives and friends.

The folk songs known as Bihu Geet commonly associatee the festival. The Folk dances performed with the sound of local musical instruments like Dhol, Toka, Gagana etc. The Bihu festival is mostly celebrated with the Bihu Geets and Bihu Dances which are performed by the youths and local dwellers. The acitvity combindly known as Husori.
The Bihu meal is also a special one that consist of Chira, curds and sweets.
The end of the Bohaag Bihu is marked by the celebration of Bohagi Bidaai, which is a farewell to Bohaag.
The Bihu festival of Assam is an occasion for the entire Assamese Community to come together, irrespective of caste and religion to celebrate the festival with happiness and enthusiasm.


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