Akshaya Tritiya Festival


Agriculture is like their worship for farmers around India as it is the main source of their earning of living. Hence maximum numbers of festivals inside India comes from the village culture of country which is completely agriculture based. Similarly Agni Utsav is one of the major festivals which are particularly celebrated in Orissa state of India. Although Agni Utsav of Orissa is celebrated in different parts of the state but its celebration style can be varies from district to district.

Time of the festival:

Mid January to Mid February.


Mostly the festival is celebrated every year between Mid January to Mid February. Because the utsav is specially celebrate by the farmers of Orissa that brings some rural touch of rituals and traditions in it. It is much similar like a Lohri festival of Punjab. People welcome the festival with great enthusiasm and divinity.

The celebration style is having some rituals which are done only by the farmers of Orissa. On the utsav day ‘Agni’ is worshipped. Farmers of Orissa believe that Agni Utsav helps them in predicting the condition of their crops. People gather at one place and burn the huge heaps of dry straws, grasses and while burning these heaps, the direction of flame predicts the coming year’s crop condition.
The predictions can be one from following:

* A westward tilt predicts floods.
* Northeast tilt denotes good crops.
* A tilt towards the east resembles entry of saline waters in

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