Festivals in India

India is a land of multiple religions where diverse culture and traditions are responsible of various festivals and celebrations around the year. India is best known around the globe for its unique diversified cultural spirit which can be seen during the festival days. Although there are many common festivals which are celebrated in the whole country as National holidays but there are twenty eight states and seven union territories in the country which have their own kind of  traditions and customs according to the regions also. These regions have their specific local festivals depending on the relevant religions and linguistic demographics.

India is one of the fascinating lands of festival. Each festival in India is marked with a deep philosophical implication which presents an unmatched diction to the splendor of that particular carnival. Like other months September to open up its basket of varied festivals celebrated all over the country. To name few, the month marks the birth anniversaries of Hindu deities as Janmasthmi for Lord Krishna, Ganesh Chaturthi for lord Ganesha, Radha asthma for Radha along with these all some festivals marks the end of holy month of fasting like Paryushan Parv in Jainism, Id ul fitr in Islam while keralites celebrate their harvest in Onam.

September corresponds to Hindu months of Bhadrapad and Ashwin.  Period of first fifteen days of Ashwin month is referred as Pitr paksh in Hinduism which is dedicated to the Sraddha of departed souls in the family who had met eternity on that particular day/tithi. Apart from all above September also celebrated few important days like Teachers Day, Engineer’s Day, World Ozone Day.

Events this month

01 Sep
Charbhuja Nath Fair
  Start:  01/09/2016  -  End:  30/09/2016
   Venue:  Charbhuja Nath , Charbhuja Nath , Nogama , India
The temple was built in 1444AD. According to the inscription inside the temple, village name was Badri, therefore, the idol is considered as BadriNath. The deity of Charbhuja Nath is considered to be miraculous. The idol of Shri Charbhuja Ji is 85 centimeters high. The four arms of the idol hold conch, discus, mace and
13 Sep
Navakhana Festival
  Start:  13/09/2016  -  End:  30/09/2016
   Venue:  Navakhana Festival , , , India
Introduction: Navakhana is a harvest festival of state Chhattissgarh, who is a prime agricultural state and known for its various fairs and festivals. The festival signifies the end of rainy season and flourishes with new harvest season. The festival is celebrated by all castes and communities of the state. Time to Celebrate: Navakhana Festival falls
15 Sep
Sair Festival
  Start:  15/09/2016  -  End:  30/09/2016
   Venue:  Sair Festival , , Shimla , India
Introduction: Sair festival of state Himachal Pradesh is famous all over the country for its  celebrations and unique blend of the cultural mix.The main venue is in the capital city Shimla who hosts thousands of visitors every year to enjoy the multiple activities and different celebration styles. Time to celebrate: Sair festival is held mostly
15 Sep
Bera Utsav
  Start:  15/09/2016  -  End:  30/09/2016
   Venue:   , , Murshidabad , India
Introduction: Bera Utsav is basically a local festival of West Bengal that host by the venue Lalbagh at Murshidabad district. The Utsav is organized to boost up the tourism possibilities in the region and to attract maximum number of visitors of inside and outside the country. The Utsav holds many activities among them the fireworks
16 Sep
Pitru Paksha Festival
  Start:  16/09/2016  -  End:  30/09/2016
   Venue:  Indian Festivals , India , , India
Introduction: Pitr Paksha in India is observed as the most ideal occasion when the people commemorate their ancestors and deceased ones. The occasion continues for a fortnight which usually comes in the month of September every year and follows various rituals which are performed with great dignity and commitments in order to keep the spirits

Upcoming Festival

  1. Charbhuja Nath Fair

    1 September @ 12:00 am - 30 September @ 12:00 am UTC+0
  2. Navakhana Festival

    13 September @ 12:00 am - 30 September @ 12:00 am UTC+0
  3. Bera Utsav

    15 September @ 12:00 am - 30 September @ 12:00 am UTC+0
  4. Sair Festival

    15 September @ 12:00 am - 30 September @ 12:00 am UTC+0
  5. Pitru Paksha Festival

    16 September @ 12:00 am - 30 September @ 12:00 am UTC+0