Festivals in India

India is a land of multiple religions where diverse culture and traditions are responsible of various festivals and celebrations around the year. India is best known around the globe for its unique diversified cultural spirit which can be seen during the festival days. Although there are many common festivals which are celebrated in the whole country as National holidays but there are twenty eight states and seven union territories in the country which have their own kind of traditions and customs according to the regions also. These regions have their specific local festivals depending on the relevant religions and linguistic demographics.

India is the charming land packed with celebration of many fairs & festivals. Each festival in India manifests a deep philosophical inference which presents an unparalleled diction to the brilliance of that particular fiesta. The month of November brings with it the assortment of different carnivals all over the country like Rann Utsav, Guru Nanak Jayanti which celebrates the birth anniversary of great Sikh Guru, Children’s Day and many more. There is also the long list of folkloristic fairs like the famous Sonepur Cattle Fair of Bihar, Lavi Fair, Jhiri Mela of Jammu etc.
Apart from these, many events and festivals are organized by the tourism departments for promotion of Indian tourism like Puri Beach Festival at Orissa etc. The month of November holds special importance among children as the most awaited Children’s Day falls on the 14th day of the month which marks the birth anniversary of Chacha Nehru. The month of November also covers the Hindu months of Kartik (Damodar Mass) and Margashirsh. Explore all festivals in the month of November. Explore all the festivals in November

Events this month

01 Nov
Rann Utsav
  Start:  01/11/2016  -  End:  20/02/2017
   Venue:  Rann Utsav Gujarat , , Kutch , India
Introduction: Rann Utsav of state Gujarat is an amalgamation of music, dance, culture and tourism of the land. It is held every year in Kutch area,who is known for its diverse land and provide visitors an opportunity to get in touch with the natural aura of the land along with the cultural and musical celebrations.
25 Nov
Sonepur Mela
  Start:  25/11/2016  -  End:  25/12/2016
   Venue:  Sonepur Mela Bihar , , Sonepur , India
Introduction: Sonepur cattle fair is the biggest cattle fair in the land of state Bihar.The fair resembles with the historical and ancient event that attracts thousands of visitors from far flung areas to the venue of Sonepur on the confluence of river Ganga and Gandak.The fair continues from the ancient times when Chandragupta Maurya used

Upcoming Festival

  1. Rann Utsav

    1 November, 2016 @ 12:00 am - 20 February, 2017 @ 12:00 am UTC+5
  2. Sonepur Mela

    25 November @ 12:00 am - 25 December @ 12:00 am UTC+5
  3. Hornbill Festival

    1 December @ 12:00 am - 10 December @ 12:00 am UTC+5
  4. Lokranjan Festival

    8 December @ 12:00 am - 12 December @ 12:00 am UTC+5
  5. Geeta Jayanti

    10 December @ 12:00 am UTC+5